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Universal Thumb Splint Brace

  • Perforated suede thumb splint provides thumb immobilization and protection. 

  • Constructed of lightweight, breathable, padded material for maximum comfort and wear. 
  • Perforated to allow moisture to escape the skin area.
  •  Malleable, rigid thumb stay is adjustable for a custom fit. Velcro™ closure for easy adjustment. Fits either left or right thumb.

Comfort Cool Wrist and Thumb CMC Restriction

Provides direct support for the thumb CMC joint while allowing full finger function

The Comfort Cool® Wrist & Thumb CMC Restriction is made of thin, 1/16" (1.6mm) perforated neoprene with a terry cloth liner that helps keep skin cool and comfortable.
This longer  wrap-around thumb splint supports the wrist for conditions such as tendinitis, arthritis, de Quervain’s, joint instabilities and post-surgical repair of the wrist and thumb.
Reinforced stitching allows the splint to be trimmed below the thumb MP joint if desired.
Special pull-through wrist strap requires less hand manipulation, making it easy to adjust and fasten the splint.
Wide neoprene strap provides extra support and compression around the wrist.
Lined with anti-microbial terrycloth