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Lead Wires

Back brace allows difficult-to-reach lower back electrode placement.

The Relief Wrap™ can be used with electromedical modalities such as TENS and IF to help treat lower back pain or stiffness.
Back brace is made of spandex-nylon with double side-pull VELCRO® brand closure.
It has two large 6" x 11" (15 x 38cm) built-in pockets on the inside to hold ice or hot packs for extra pain relief (packs not included).
Includes 8-headed snapped bifurcation cables for use with IF units.
Includes four 2" (5.1cm) electrodes with pigtail connectors. Electrodes have VELCRO® hook backing and fasten anywhere on the inside of the brace.
Attach electrodes to the brace in alignment with back pain area, connect the stimulator unit's wires, remove the electrode's gel coverings, and fasten the brace around the body. With the brace secured, the electrodes adhere appropriately to the skin. 

To size, measure waist circumference.

Electrodes for TENS/IF Units

  • 2” X 2” square, pre-wire, reusable electrodes, 4 /packages


Relief Wrap

Conductive Garments

Stretchable fabric for excellent conductivity, compression and support.

Made of a premium conductive-silver, stretch-mesh fabric that provides even electrical current distribution.
Designed to be used with a variety of electro-medical modalities such as TENS and EMS to stimulate large or multiple areas for pain, stiffness or swelling relief.
Use to provide treatment of the hand, ankle, elbow or knee. Bilateral treatment is also possible by using a second garment on the opposite area at the same time.
Easy to use in the clinic or at home with health care guidance and instruction.
Each garment has a special connector which plugs into the lead wire from the stimulator unit (not included).
A self-adhesive 2 x 3-1/2" electrode is provided as the ground to connect to the second wire from the unit.
Dampening the garment with conductive electrolyte spray is recommended for optimal results and effective stimulation.
Universal design allows all garments to be used on either the right or left body part and stretches to fit most body sizes.
Hand wash and air dry.

  • 1 set 2 per pair