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Hely & Weber Velocity PS

Superior knee brace that provides the control and support your patients need while maintaining the flexibility and the restriction of movement that your rehabilitation protocol requires.
Constructed in Kuhl™ perforated neoprene which breathes well and offers warmth and maximum compression.
Range of Motion Hinges feature a polycentric adjustable design to control extension and flexion with comfortable shock absorbing condylar pads and shells which ensure patient comfort and compliance.
Circumferential straps have elastic hamstring tension relief allowing no interruption in the firing mechanism of the quadriceps muscles while still providing low profile support.
The brace transforms from left to right by simply moving the patella force strap from the left to right condylar location.
The brace offers effective support for ligament / meniscus tears while having the patented “U-shaped” patella locator buttress and adjustable patella control of the Shields™ design.
Measure circumference 6" (15cm)  above mid-patella with leg fully extended.

  • Knee brace sleeve design with the option of three high quality removable hinges for flexible unilateral bracing

  • Single and Dual Hinge

  • Brace offers support/stability from knee surgery through post-operative rehabilitation. The Range of Motion adjustment maintain selective ranges of flexion and extension while the brace provides compression and support to the knee.

Knee Brace (Thermoskin)