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About MEDME Services Corporation

We are a licensed durable medical equipment (DME) and billing company servicing the healthcare industry with top-of-the-line medical equipment. We specialize in off the shelf, high-end orthotic bracing for all body parts from the neck to the foot, TENS units, DVT units, CPM machines, canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, and rollators. We also carry oxygen and all associated equipment required, such as CPAP, nebulizers, concentrators, and portable concentrators.

We are contracted with multiple hospice companies and skilled nursing facilities; therefore, we accommodate the patients’ needs immediately upon order by facility or physician and also continue to deliver equipment to the patients as they are discharged from the facilities. We carry beds, mattresses, commodes, shower chairs, geriatric chairs, wound vacs, formula, and diapers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we also carry the PPE necessary to fill all safety issues of the virus. As a durable medical equipment company, one of our many goals is to bring peace of mind to the patients and their families by meeting their daily medical equipment needs.  

We began as a small company of 3 employees and have grown to 16 employees to date! We operate from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and provide 24/7 on-call delivery to hospice and facility patients. We service walk-in patients at our office location while our technicians deliver equipment daily. 

We are based in the far west corner of Texas, and our usual geographic area of operations is El Paso and some New Mexico region. We service clients from Las Cruces, NM, to and as far as Van Horn, TX. However, as a billing company, we service all of Texas.

While we operate out of an office/warehouse setting, we also have a web presence and an online store that allows customers to order medical mobility equipment, medical supplies, and other durable medical equipment. We ship products across the United States of America.

It is interesting to note that we began operations as a biller and provider of medical equipment for workers’ compensation claims and general insurance claims in January 2005. Fortunately, as the medical industry evolved, we turned into a medicare provider, which opened a lot of doors for us and allowed us to grow phenomenally.

As the founder, my personal experiences and training allowed me to open MEDME Services as a biller and medical equipment provider. However, when I met my ‘now’ partner in business, Adrian Gomez, his expertise in the medical equipment field allowed us to bring in the oxygen and bed equipment, which led to the hospice and nursing facility aspects of growth. A beautiful working relationship has brought MEDME to a new level of operations and success!

Even though we are now a fifteen-year-old company, we are still growing and evolving as the medicare and medical world industry is changing. We are mature in years, but as new technology sets in, especially with COVID-19 changing the norm, we feel like we are learning a new way of conducting business, and we are leaning more than ever through our web presence.

The MEDME Services Corporation Difference

Our primary strength is that we focus on meeting our patients’ needs. As a licensed durable medical equipment and billing company, we can get insurance authorizations and equipment delivered to the patient as quickly as possible. Consistency on all fronts is our forte!

We believe every customer is different and has individual needs, likes and dislikes as a patient and therefore, there are no truly average customers. That is why we carry such an array of equipment and products to try to accommodate everyone. We also order top-quality medical equipment whenever required. After all, we are MEDME – Mending with medical equipment!

What sets us apart from others is that we are locally owned and operated, and so we can provide patients with the individual attention they deserve. Besides, we are walk-in ready and have very little wait time as the immediate attention goes to the customer standing in front of us at the time. We also always answer our phones and speak to doctors, families, and patients. 

We intend to provide service to each physician, clinic, patient, and customer with integrity, honesty, and professionalism. We believe our company will be of great benefit to you as we combine the attributes of small company integrity with large corporation ability. 

In over fifteen years, we have made many accomplishments and moments of pride. However, every time there is a noteworthy achievement, something else becomes noteworthy. From the beginning, the start-up was amazing in the sense that it was quite an obstacle in itself. Fortunately, as we evolved and gained business success, we found new ways to bend and flex with the industry. To date, our two biggest and most noteworthy achievements have been:-

1. The creating and opening of MEDME Services Corporation on a wing, a lot of prayers, and an SBA loan.

2. The ability to flex when necessary, say ‘now or never’, and bring on a partner that has allowed us to see a brand new flow of sustaining business.

As a company, we have never received industry or professional association awards, but we have received numerous and often words of praise regarding our integrity, determination, and business success. In fact, we draw most of our customers through positive word of mouth and referrals from physicians and the physicians’ staff. 

As a woman-owned business and now with a partner, I am most proud of our new and blossoming growth. We are a Better Business Bureau (BBB) customer in good standing, and are even recognized by our community. When we get compliments from physicians, facilities, patients, and customers alike stating that we are such a nice, easy to deal with company, professional and with timely, efficient, and professional delivery of equipment, I beam from the inside out. But that pride is more for the individuals that work so hard on a daily basis to carry out our tasks and have given MEDME such a good name in our city and industry. We have a wonderful, hard-working, caring group of employees that make MEDME work.

Our employees are well trained and equipped to handle the customer, the insurance, and the equipment. Our team is quite unique as we all hold such a variety of skills from education to life experiences and work experiences. So, as a team, we have all categories of skill-sets covered to make this business run effectively and consistently.

To thank our employees for their continuous effort and hard work, we offer regular but unofficial employee recognition. It is not considered a program but recognition is given and documented in the personnel files of each employee. 

We offer a 401(k) with an employer match as part of our employee retirement plan. At some point in the near future, we are hoping to offer employees health insurance benefits as well.

To foster a spirit of teamwork, do host and support team-building events and social activities. Holiday parties are always encouraged.

As a company, we have the collective dream of being able to take days off without worrying about whether everything will be handled in a timely manner. We dream of a larger staff to help handle the constant business demands, along with the finances to make MEDME a wonderful place to work and call our second home. As owners, we dream of more contracts that will continue to bring more business, which in the perfect world will bring professional and monetary success. We want the name MEDME to be the most recognized medical equipment company in El Paso, TX, as a whole by physicians and facilities, patients, and customers.  

We presently do not have a green policy, but as individuals, we recycle our office equipment whenever possible. We also feel strongly about giving back to our community, and so we make monthly donations to the chosen charity at the beginning of every year. This year, it will most likely be the Texas Children’s Hospital.

To learn more about all that we do at MEDME Services Corporationplease click here. If you have any questions about how we can help you, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here

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